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    Why a dog?

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    Issa is very warm attitude to different beings. For his hand was not "unworthy" of a subject, he wrote about the nightingales and the frogs and the cicadas woodlice, and, of course, about cats and dogs.

    When I set out to give our readers as much as possible of Issa, the idea is to translate everything I did not like. Wanted thematic rod and initially I made a selection of poems about cats and cats. Just because I like cats. When cats ran were frogs, toads, and now - the dog.

    In addition, the dog, unlike other Japanese living creatures, we culturally close. In Japanese culture, the dog associated the same connotations that we have: loyalty, devotion, warmth of the hearth. In verses Issa dogs playing with children, howling at the moon, get wet in the rain, gnawing a bone - in short, do the same thing and our dogs are not particularly lacking in Japanese. And I agree with Issa, this beautiful animals worthy of chanting verses.

    Do not write us a few haiku about dogs?

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