1. Where does the magic happen?

    Findings of the project

    I'll tell you about the scientific discovery nic2005

    In discussions on the draft I wrote that stands together to analyze the work that you send to the project, each of you his findings appear to be visible, and can be used later in other works.

    I saw the opening of the following, in my opinion, more important are:

    1. In the work done by Nicholas Olegovich Aleshin (Grade 3) nic 2005 on the fairy tale "Moroz Ivanovich." Nic before 2005 was a difficult task: to draw the map is not on the same level - the earth, and on two: the action tale takes place on land and underground. With the layouts we have not yet come across! And this task nic 2005 coped very successfully!

    The discovery:

    Nic Map 2005 shows the border of two worlds: the earth - and underground profane - the magic and the place of their connection - tunnel - well.

    That is, the sacred and profane places, not all fairy tales are on the same plane. It so happens that these worlds intersect only at one certain point. And between them, there is a clear boundary.

    Very interesting!

    Now our task is to find out: Is it only a fairy tale with a similar ratio of the profane - sacred, or are there other ...

    Appeal to your readers' collective experience!

    On the other findings will be writing in the next. positions. They (the findings) is!

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