1. Синий-синий иней

    "Rime". The story of Yuri Koval

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    Hoarfrost, frost! LeAnn!

    On the fence on a shed, on the branches of cherries - frost.

    Frosty forest frosty village - only people walking in black coats and hats eared blue and silver world.

    At the carrier's uncle Agathon mustache covered with hoarfrost and the horse Clouds - eyelashes. Tuchka slams new lashes will not understand that she is there. Even more dense and deep black eyes seem Tuchkin.

    We have all seen a snowflake, and who saw ineinku?

    Ineinka - yes such a word in this world.

    A word - good. Ineinka. And even better - inenka.

    If you really look closely at the frosted cherry branch - see the small blue sparkling asterisk. This is ineinka, and even better - inenka. It is very similar to a snowflake, only smaller, Posin, posverkalistey. And she - not fly.

    It's a pity that there is no such word in the world - ineinka. And more would be better - inenka.

    But once I heard about frosted, Sparktouched birch said: "Inenka."

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