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    Dependence on the number of birds feeders

    Look at the graph of the number of birds at the site of the number of feeders.

    Whether from the graph that the number of birds in the area does not depend on the number of feeders - because in the absence of feeders, and their substantial numbers of birds can reach high values?

    Is not it true that this conclusion is contrary to our expectations?

    What additional research needs to spend in order to clarify this issue?

    . Which characteristic is more important - the number or frequency of filling feeders feed them?

    Number of feeders or abundance of food in them?

    Can birds feed in some areas, and the time to spend on others?

    Write a comment on this article, what do you think about the relationship of birds and the number of feeders.

    State your proposals to change the survey questions for the next bird census.

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