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    "Our river like a fairy tale night paved frost" ... S. Marshak (second year of observation) ...

    By the calendar of nature, which year after year leads a wonderful writer and experienced naturalist Anatoly Sergeyevich Onega, we learned that "October 20 - the day of St. Sergius - if Sergius snow, the winter need to wait for the November Matrevu (November 22) ... So while everything develops - in Moscow, alas, still snowless winter (frost, anticyclone no inclination to warming). " Indeed the first ice on the river we found on November 19, and November 20, met a pond near the frozen MSU appeared confident.

    But we still like to sign phenological onset of winter - freezing small stagnant pond.

    Second the frozen pond we met on November 22 in the area Krylatskoye.

    In the center of a strange artifact, but the elucidation of its origin have to leave until the spring.

    The river behaves unexpectedly, then the ice cracked, then again to set. Perhaps we hasten to fill in the questionnaire in the project, as the steady ice cover. We will continue to follow-up.

    This beautifully overgrown with frost blade of grass in the frozen swamp our!

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