1. Облака! Белогривые лошадки...

    Our little "anniversary" - the first results!

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    Our project "Clouds! Belogrivov horses ..." published April 2, 2015.

    A month has passed - it is possible to sum up the first results:

    • 26 people joined the project and placed their profiles - this is good !!!
    • Participants would be more, but unfortunately, had to block several questionnaires since not comply with the conditions of participation in the project - it is bad ...
    • The results of the project have interesting finds - it is very good !!!
    • 50% of participants believe that the more interesting clouds in the spring, and the most creative month was, of course, APRIL - it noted 25% of the participants.

    • But there is still May !!!
    • We look at the sky - surprised themselves - and surprise the others !!!
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