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    Arthurian legends

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    And if you are familiar with the Arthurian legends? Do you know them? I want to introduce you to them. All the legends are certainly linked with the legendary figure of King Arthur. And the Arthurian legend is a Celtic folk legends inhabitants of Wales, which became the basis of many poetic compositions, in which the center - image of King Arthur, one of the kings of the Britons (5-6 cc.), Successfully fought against the Anglo-Saxon invaders. The name Arthur Celts hopes on the restoration of independence. About the historical Arthur to mention 8. Celtic and Breton bards, as well as Latin Chronicle Geoffrey Monmautskogo "History of the Kings of Britain" (about 1137). Idealized Arthur and the Knights of the "Round Table" - the characters that embody the moral ideals of chivalry. Arthurian legends were perceived chivalric poetry in France - Chretien de Troyes (12th c.), Germany - Hartmann von Aue (12-13 cc.) treatment legend of St.. Grail gave Wolfram von Eschenbach's novel "Parzival" (about 1210). In England 13-14 centuries. There are translations of novels "Arthur," "Arthur and Merlin," "Morte d'Arthur", etc. The theme A. l. written the best English romance in verse, "Sir Gawain and the Green Knight" (14.). In the 15th century. T. Malory created the novel "The Death of Arthur." Image used Arthur E. Spencer in "Faerie Queene", J. Dryden libretto "King Arthur", E. Bulwer-Lytton in his poem "Prince Arthur" W. Morris, in his poem "Defence Guinevere" A. Tennyson in " Idylls of the King. " Satirical parody of the Arthurian legends refraction got in Mark Twain's novel "A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court."

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