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    A little more about the aesthetics of haiku

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    There will soon be a detailed article about the Japanese aesthetic categories, including wabi sabi and. So I will not spread the idea of ​​the tree, and briefly to say: haiku as a genre in general avoid too bright colors and too violent feelings. It is distinguished by attention to small. Haiku - art items, the ability to focus on it and reveal the image. Haiku does not spoil the reader an abundance of artistic media, usually on one verse is exactly one trails. Well, for example:

    Atsuko hee about umi no iretari mogamigava

    Wants sun heat

    In the blue sea to drown

    Mogami River


    We see exactly one trail: River likening man capable of experiencing feelings. And nothing more - and more and is not necessary.

    Often they do go without imagery, limited sketches, touch reality, which the reader will complement the imagery itself:

    I midzikae Thonar e Jacobo Kani but asi

    Short night.

    Included Single I neighbor

    Crab legs.

    (Takarano Kikaku)

    Further. The Japanese are not scattered epithets. They have traditional epithets kake-kotoba (about them separately), and in addition, they are stingy epithets. Why is that, because the epithet - it is the author's evaluation, and the author of haiku not push themselves, it is not accepted. Instead of estimating better express emotion. Bass could not write "Matsushima Islands - gorgeous view!" It's too forehead. He wrote:

    Matsushima, ah!

    Ah, Matsushima, a-ah!

    Ah, Matsushima!

    And this is probably the maximum expression that haijin can afford. In general, you should avoid evaluative adjectives in every way. Either we give a description, and the reader can really understand how to relate to that described, or we talk about their emotions, but then do not say naprmuyu that caused the emotion. Basho's not said that Matsushima islands are beautiful. Although they are really beautiful:

    Or description, or an emotion, but never both simultaneously.

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