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    Legend (from Wed-Lat. Legenda «collection of liturgical passages for daily life") - one of the varieties of prose-tale folklore. Poetic tradition about any historical sobytii.Legendy also arise from the desire of the people to solve some long-term problems. So during the Mongol-Tatar yoke in Russia waiting for a hero who would liberate Russia from taxes to foreign invaders. In those days, went to a legend that has first hero .. Under legend understand the sequence of events for the whole nation in a certain period of its existence. Under the legend also understood the history of an event. There is another concept of legend - a plausible previous life special agent to perform certain tasks or living abroad as a resident.

    Legends and stories tell of the exploits of some real or fictional personalities. For example, Ilya Muromets actually lived at the beginning of the XI century man has tremendous power. He attributed many different deeds committed during the reign of Prince Yaroslav the Wise of Kiev. About Ilya Muromets reached not only a legend, there's even a description of his appearance. Growth of 175 cm, weighing about 96 kg. Shoulder Width hero was about 90 cm By today's standards looks not outstanding, but if you take into account that the average growth of the inhabitants of Kiev at the time was about 155-158 cm, it is in fact on his head was above the others.

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