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    More about the devices and work with them

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    Some claim that telescopes (or monocular) - better than the binoculars.

    Like, more convenient, and most importantly - it is easier and less space occupied.

    Yes. less space. But for bird watching are not suitable. While we are looking for the bird in a tube, the bird flew away for a long time! Only two eyes (who are two of them, of course ...)!

    This rule is not absolute. When seeing flocks of birds or sedentary individual birds in the open countryside with long distance (eg, flocks of waterfowl and waders, geese grazing) or to witness the long slot (also from a distance), it needs a strong telescope.

    But, certainly, with a tripod!

    Now - about the photographs. Birds need to take a good camera with a telephoto lens. Unfortunately, this is - very expensive devices, and many have to settle for "compacts" or even phones. Still bad!

    But there is no proper equipment, please do as much as possible each bird pictures! And when you see the right - even more so!

    Last. If you define a bird wrongly - do not worry! Try to determine exactly and let you know. Together we define the ... main thing - that the questionnaire was not shot from the Internet, and made it YOU.

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