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    Often we do not think about why talking anyway. Our project - it is an occasion to reflect on what we want people who are welcome.

    What is a "hello"? Wishing joy, happiness, joy, health, or the issue of well-being and mood? All of these options are taken from your responses to the questionnaire. It turns out that people are investing in this simple word a completely different meaning! What happens to the words for which enshrined a certain function, as a function of welcome here.

    Etymological dictionary of the Russian language M.Fasmer reveals the secret word hello. His relatives - answer, advice, vow (from * as deteriorating). There is even an old Russian in Yat mb'sovet, dogovor'. The word is further related words other ancient languages ​​with value'govorit'. So, hello - it's just a word that we say people familiar (after all, we are not strangers greet). And then have formed from the word hello word welcome, friendly hello. And if we do not abandon someone, it means that we arranged for the man good-naturedly and not wish him evil.

    What do you think? Write about your guesses in the discussion.

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