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    Description thunderstorms in the literature and our studies

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    Storm is always fascinating, hypnotic effect on a person. Rampage element chains. Remember Lermontovskoye?

    Roaring storm, they smoke clouds
    Over the dark abyss of the sea,
    And whipped penoyu ebullient
    The crowd waves among themselves.
    Round the rocks ognistoy ribbon curls
    Sad lightning snake
    Elemental alarming swarm myatetsya ...

    But as described N. Z approaching storm:

    Moves frowning cloud
    Propped up half the sky in the distance,
    Moves, huge and malleable,
    With a lantern in his hand raised.

    Terrible and magnificent sight!

    "Swiftly and aggressively over the horizon loomed the dark cloud and somehow once clouded sky. Firmly sharpened bright sun in his dungeon. Became gloomy. For a moment, all hushed, but only for a moment. Like an afterthought, a cold wind blew sharp and raised on the river evil black waves. dazzling lightning ripped the sky. And now, sharp and scary, like a shot, the thunder. "

    This description V.Kolesnikova thunderstorms.

    Interest and statements of participants in our project.

    Look, what an interesting story we shared turned out!

    "Suddenly became audible thunder and flashes of lightning. I am very afraid of thunderstorms and so I try to distract myself. A storm clouds - all giants thickened and lightning flashed more often."

    "The anger of Zeus"

    "It was scary, but very fascinated"

    "Lightning, accompanied by thunder, had a large enough diameter. Near the earth's surface flows have increased in diameter."

    "The storm was short-lived ..."

    "... I have caused a storm of positive emotions"

    "It was very beautiful and unforgettable!"

    Such is the poetic image of the first May thunderstorms formed. But there is that participants and explanation:

    "Judging by the length of about 30 minutes and the volume of 10-20 km can say that it is a single-cell cloud" has become a source of our inspiration.

    Thanks to all participants of the project!

    Looking forward to your new profiles! Be careful when filling them out.


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