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    Blue spruce Pervouralsk - forage base for Great Spotted Woodpecker!

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    In the central square of Victory! At the intersection of two major streets Pervouralsk of cars and buses and pedestrians hurrying stream is a large statue of Lenin. Behind the back of the monument growing number of high blue spruce. Their condition is not quite perfect, because they are located not in the best environmental conditions. At the top of a lot of heavy spruce cones. Passing near the monument or waiting at the bus stop, which is located almost at the podium, a person can pay attention to the sharp cries of birds. But not everyone recognizes this cry woodpecker, and note it in a thick fir paws are not so simple. But there is evidence that indicates the presence and activity of this bird unmistakable.

    Russian woodpeckers adapted so has introduced bumps!

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