1. Необычные места гнездования птиц

    Again - about the unusual and the usual places

    For some time now Sparrows (Brownies and Field) and tits (big tits and) all the more willingly and persistently nest in Moscow lampposts. There are round holes a few meters - well, just like yr in sinichnikah. People before last year was specifically look for such places, pictures, discuss this phenomenon in the scientific newsletter. Lampposts in our city become more and more common these nesting birds.

    Below - a picture made by me on April 27. of blue tits (both parents) flew into the nest chamber about 2 times per minute. Apparently, it was the end of construction. Masonry could be within 1-2 days. From the moment of laying to fledging - exactly a month. May 27 come from the expedition: post painted. Beautifully blissfully. No birds. Sometimes ...

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