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    Our first generalizations and conclusions!

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    Pupils in class 5 MBOU "School №2" city Muravlenko first year engaged in the association "Young environmentalists - researchers of nature," Children's Creativity Center.

    December 15, 2014 we held the first study of snow cover in the Center.

    The group was divided into mini-teams and measure the depth of snow in different parts of the site.

    South-east section

    North-eastern section

    North-western section

    If we compare the average values ​​of the depth of the snow, the north-eastern section of the depth of 49 cm, in the south-east - 39 cm, and in the north-west of 31 cm.

    It is possible that the depth of snow cover affects the wind direction, which can carry snow from one part of the site to another.

    And the guys said that in the northwestern part of the area is snow very uneven. Drifts above about trees and the fence. And in the middle section of the snow layer is very thin - see here has an impact on the heat pipes that pass through the area of ​​the boiler.

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