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    Incredible, but true: a myth or a legend of Atlantis?

    The myth of Atlantis interested many scientists since ancient times. In contrast to the widely accepted today the opinion that it is just a legend, the ancient Greek philosopher Plato believed in the actual existence of the Atlantean civilization velikorazvitoy.
    According to him, the mysterious continent sank to the ocean floor about 11 500 years ago. That is the conclusion he came about 355 g BC. That's what kind of story he heard Plato: "Nine thousand years ago for the strait which you call the pillars of Heracles (now the Strait of Gibraltar), was a huge island, which was called Atlantis. On this island there was a strong dynasty of kings. This dynasty tried to enslave many countries. However, several strong earthquakes split the island, he fell into the water and disappeared completely. Therefore, the sea in this place is inconvenient to navigate because of the slime in the upper layer of water - the remnants of the sunken island. The island was fairly large, rich in minerals and all the animals, including elephants. In the south, there was a vast plain of approximately 370 km to 550 km, and between the sea and the plain was located metropolis, the city-state of Atlantis, the center of which stood the royal palace with cold and hot baths, tombs, the Temple of Poseidon with golden statues of the god, "standing in the chariot drawn by six winged horses. " The town was surrounded by rows of walls that protect residents. Every 5-6 years the ten kings of Atlantis were going to the temple of Poseidon on the Council or the sentencing criminals.
    For many generations, the people of Atlantis remained the same high moral standards as their Athenian contemporaries. But over time they became too ambitious and greedy, and then Zeus decided to punish them ... "Of course, for many readers, this story does not sound very convincing. But modern science has proven with all certainty that our Earth more than once underwent changes its surface. After another cataclysm of the Earth, about 50 000 years ago, in what is now Peru, is to continue in the direction of the Pacific Ocean, up to the islands of Hawaii, Tahiti, Polynesia existed mainland, called Lemuria. At about the same time on the other side of the Earth was a different continent - Atlantis.

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