1. Весенний прилёт птиц


    All probably noticed that our research is devoted SPRING arrival, and not some other. Should report on the birds returning from wintering to nesting - about migratory birds.

    And, therefore, should be carefully curated block all forms of other birds. I do still not done. That's why.

    In Kaliningrad Zoo lives Griffon vulture, descended on the ship's deck in the Baltic Sea. Where the Baltic, where vultures! Range of this species - from the Crimea, the Caucasus and Tien Shan further south to India itself and North Africa. But it turns out - in vnegnezdovoy period already fly into the Arctic Circle! A colleague recently showed me a picture of a pink flamingo made in Chuvashia. Impressive?

    Some birds nest after roam widely in search of fodder-most locations, while others - generally nest every year in different locations within their baggy areas (Redpolls, Crossbills). How to be with them? Shame to lose such information on birds. It's interesting!

    We received a questionnaire from the observation of the Tambov province on March 29. Photo partridges. This - not SPRING Arrival: Gray partridge sedentary. But before their author in the place seen. And we now know that these birds there. Free I did not block, broke the rule: to our study, it has nothing to do.

    So did the questionnaire, where the photo - incomprehensible bird like an owl (although defined differently by the author). Leave because considered interesting. This is - wrong.

    But now we have a new, very interesting project competition "learn BIRDS!"

    From this point on all reports of birds that do not belong to the spring arrival, go there!

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