1. Drop off a battery – help save the planet!

    Risk of heavy metals

    Looking at ordinary penlight batteries, you will always see this sign on it, which means, "Do not throw, you must pass in spetspunkt disposal".

    Battery contains a variety of different metals - mercury, nickel, cadmium, lead, lithium, manganese and zinc, which tend to accumulate in living organisms, including the human body, and cause significant damage to health.
    How dangerous heavy metals found in batteries?
    Lead. Accumulating mainly in the kidney. Also causes diseases of the brain, nervous disorders.
    Cadmium. Accumulate in the liver, kidney, bone and thyroid gland. Is a carcinogen that is provokes cancer.
    Mercury. Affects the brain, nervous system, kidneys and liver. Causes nervous disorders, blurred vision, hearing, motor system disorders, diseases of the respiratory system. Most vulnerable children. Metallic mercury - poison. On the impact of mercury on the human body of the first class of danger - "extremely hazardous substances." Regardless of the route of entry into the body mercury accumulates in the kidneys. Carelessly thrown in the trash battery goes to landfill, where every summer with other waste and ignited smoldering (as in incineration plants and all lit), with clouds of smoke clouds releasing dioxins. Even minimal doses of these toxic compounds (their action in 67 000 times stronger than cyanide) humanity owes cancer and brood diseases. And poisoning, slow development and poor health of children ...
    Dioxins get into the body not only with smoke: rainwater they get into the soil, water and plants. Next - the chain - right to our table with food and drink. And no matter where you live - in the neighborhood of incinerator next to the dump or in a pine forest. Dioxin seven miles is not a hook. And time for such journeys they have plenty - due to the huge period of decay.

    Toxic substances from the batteries anyway penetrate into the soil, groundwater, fall in with you our views and our with you reservoir from which we drink water, not thinking that harmful chemicals from your own batteries, discarded week ago garbage disposal, do not disappear with boiling, not killed - they're not microbes.

    Throughout the civilized world used batteries are collected and disposed of separately from household waste. It's okay - not to poison the land with poison!

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