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    First results of a study of the cloud cover

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    If you look at a map of the project, you will see that almost all the studies made on the day of the autumnal equinox, stretched out on the map in the band from the west to the east of the country.

    The westernmost point - Kaliningrad. Participants have written in the questionnaire project : "We have in Kaliningrad say," Do you want to change the weather, wait 15 minutes. " And indeed, as we completed the survey, everything changed! Already the sun is shining! This study was carried out at 12.00 local time (13.00 Moscow time). " The sky is almost entirely covered with clouds.

    In Moscow, the situation is similar.

    Bui City Kostroma region east, although deviates from our imaginary line, there is almost cloudless sky . No clouds in Nizhny Novgorod, which is evident from the questionnaire and the icons on the map.

    But Kazan, although suitable for our line, but excluded from the analysis of the results, because in the questionnaire no photos that would control the selection of participant choices. Under cloudless noted that white clouds and bottom club, and their movement unnoticed. But if the cloud was not, then why are all these features?

    Further to the east the sky was still cloudless, and Kurgan participated in the observations , even the headmaster (geography teacher).

    Almost cloudless sky and in the Omsk region, as reported in the group Galina Ledenjov.

    And we finally got to the easternmost point of our research - Kavalerovo village of Primorsky Krai. From their profiles , we learn that they had a sunny, warm and cloudless. On the day of the Freeze Frame on the experimental plot came first graders - the heirs of well-known to us by years of joint work in GlobalLab "Vyyasnyalok" who grew up and graduated from primary school. But the old name of the group talks about the great tradition of research!

    And our northerners of Muravlenko differ by no less than Western participants in the project - they have clouds in the sky quite a lot, there is poizuchat!

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