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    Fairy tale as a story about a rite of passage

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    Another book - a masterpiece - Vladimir Propp's called "The Historical Roots of a fairy tale."

    It turns out the tale in its origin - not entertaining history lesson and not sentimental education. In the fairy tale concluded story about one of the major events in the life of every member of any ancient society.

    This event is called a rite of initiation, ie initiation.

    Initiation (from Lat. Initiatio - sacraments, dedication) - common in tribal society customs system associated with the transfer of boys and girls in the age class of adult men and women. Initiation had to prepare young people for productive, social and family life and, as a rule, accompanied by training, the different and often painful tests, operations (cutting, scarring, knocking out teeth, etc.), the initiation into the mysteries and myths of the tribe.

    Read more about this in the book -

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