1. О Прекрасной Даме

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    Analysis of the questionnaires

    Dear friends, let's interim results of our study!

    What is it - the image of the beloved in the lyrics? Analyze our charts and graphs.

    Thus, answers to the question of love situation in the poem are located as follows:

    - Dream, dream, dream - 16.4%;

    - Memory - 16.4%;

    - Recognition - 12.3%;

    - Extended separation - 11%;

    - Farewell, breakup - 9.6%;

    - Date - 8.2%;

    - Letter lover - 6.8%;

    - Encounter - 2.7%;

    - The first meeting - 2.7%;

    - A secret rendezvous - 2.7%;

    - Other - 11%.

    As you can see, the situation is a dream, dreams, memories occupies the first place among the rest. From this we can conclude that it is in the absence of the beloved poet is the greatest creative impulse, the very absence gives some impetus for creativity, and beautiful lady is an inspiration!

    Further afield - recognition, separation, farewell, etc. (see above).

    Option "other" also contains many original situations, among them - an invitation to a romantic relationship; death of his beloved; situation of frustration; reflections on the situation "madmen in love"; unexpected meeting; unrequited love.

    Responses to question number 2 of our profiles can be positioned in such a way - in descending order:

    - Appearance is not described at all;

    - Eyes (eyes);

    - Other;

    - Locks of hair, camp, walk, lips, mouth (lips);

    - Hands, fingers (fingers), the voice;

    - Eyebrows, legs and skin.

    As can be seen, so often does not focus on the exterior of their music. However, if they still do it, then the first place, of course, out of the eye (often poetic texts use the word "eyes"). This is not surprising, because it is the eyes - a mirror of the human soul!

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