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    Legend of mountain ash

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    One day, the daughter of a rich merchant in love with a simple guy, but her father would not hear of such a poor groom. To save the family from shame he decided to resort to using the wizard. His daughter accidentally found out about it, and she decided to run away from home.

    A dark and rainy night, she rushed to the river bank to the meeting place with his beloved. At the same time out of the house and a sorcerer. But he noticed the sorcerer. In order to divert the danger of girls, a brave young man jumped into the water.

    The wizard waited until he pereplyvet river and waved his magic staff when the young man has chosen to shore. Then lightning flashed, thunder, and the guy turned into an oak. All this happened in front of the girls, because of the rain a little late to the meeting place. And she, too, was left standing on the shore.

    Her slender figure was the barrel of a mountain ash, and hands - branches stretch toward the loved one. In the spring she puts on a white dress, and the fall in the water drops red tears, sadness that "broad river, do not step over, deep river, and not drown."

    So stand on different sides of the two love each other lonely tree. And "you can not get over the mountain ash to oak, seen Sirotina century one swing."

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