1. Чудесная пора цветения

    Raznocvet. The first attempt to analyze the data

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    In our project, it has accumulated about two hundred questionnaires and I decided to try to analyze the collected data.

    Explicit peak flowering expressed from 7 to 16 June, and the number of questionnaires completed during this period significant that gives an indication of the reliability of the study.

    So that's why Russia mesyatseslov referred June Raznocvet! Wither spring flowers begin to bloom in full-season and early summer flowers bloom.

    Can be separately analyzed and blooming plants in the region, setting the map view.

    Such is the figure turned out. Red I showed a mean value for the city and suburban areas. (Ideal for precision curves do not pretend)

    On the diagram shows that a greater number of species observed outside the city, although the diagram there are sections corresponding surge of flowering ornamental plants, as evidenced by photos of plants with flower beds in our city.

    It was very interesting to look at the list of profiles, sorting his shirote.Na our breadth had 37 questionnaires, the first of which was filled on May 19, it marked 15 flowering plants, the maximum number of flowering plants for our region was noted 30.

    Interesting pattern can be traced and temperature conditions (filtered by location in our region)

    Observed a correlation number flowering species of weather conditions.

    You can even experiment with the settings to view maps and get the results of the project no less valuable information. Try it yourself!

    Analyzing the data of the region, you get interesting results - a complete picture of how the flowering time in your area, with its unique natural conditions.

    Fill out the questionnaire, are attracted to this friends - this will enable the study on a larger scale and accurately.

    Good luck! Flowering time goes on.

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