1. Stay Well, Puppy!

    Breeders, as the situation on September 2014?

    Dear participants of the project! Share information about how things are with tick activity in your areas of residence in August / September of this year? My personal observations are to the north-west of Moscow and Tver region near the town of Rzhev. In Moscow in August was not seen a single tick on the very active dog that is constantly running through the tall grass and bushes (a walk in the park "Northern Tushino" and the surrounding area). At the same time in August in the Tver region traditionally turned out to be "fruitful". After a walk in the fields of mites crawling on the body and have to shoot yourself and the dog. The trip in late August resulted in the following: a dozen ticks from two people (the last found at home on the sweater) and heels ticks dog. Suck is not detected, as the dog was treated with acaricidal agent.

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