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    Geographic boundaries of the project

    If you understand the theme literally, the project may have people living between the western border of the Russian Federation and the Yenisei. But what about the people of Eastern Siberia and the Far East, where there is no Grey crows?

    Be sure to participate in the project! East of Yenisei live black crows, which many zoologists reasonably believe one species with Grey. Dwelling together near the conventional border areas, both forms freely interbreed. Progeny quite successfully live and breed.

    On the other hand, environmentally (including and behaviorally) these two forms (regardless of species or subspecies: biological systematics - a thing very changeable and ambiguous) differ greatly among themselves. It is therefore particularly interesting to learn more about our eastern crow.

    To your messages about black crows were reliable, be sure to learn how to distinguish them from the Rook and Raven (who all live) and from Bolsheklyuvoy crows (which in our country lives in the Amur, Primorye Sakhalin and Southern Kuril Islands).

    Not having the right place here photos from the Internet, call you names on the Internet and find pictures of these birds and all possible information about them.

    Please send us your interesting profile. Please send more!

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