1. Where does the magic happen?

    Findings of the project 3

    About successful solutions in the design of the project

    First, let me say that it is very important to sign on the map title tale. So much easier to navigate. Thanks to everyone who took care of it.

    Second, I will turn your attention to the successful registration cards Balandina alex10 Alexandra and Nicholas Aleshin nic2005, who adjusted their cards on parts of the world (made typical maps mark north-south-east-west). Card with a stamp look much more impressive.

    Thirdly, I want you to see how well the route heroes cards annochka Anna and Alina Didenko okos. They used arrows on maps that help trace how and where should a fabulous hero.

    Finally, this will express more consideration: the map where all the places signed by hand, without using a computer lotions, convenient and still read all at once. And this is the most reliable method. Let's look at it.

    Thanks to everyone who participated in the project. Please continue to study! We are still at the very beginning!

    Machine translation
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