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    In the science of language is the concept of "performative" or "word-action": this word, saying that a person performs an action (the very word). For example, I swear, I promise.

    Compare the two sentences: I walk and I promise.

    I walk - a description of what I do. I picked up a word that best describes my actions.

    I promise - I am at this moment I do nothing (do not walk, do not jump, do not draw). The very word I promise I make a special effect - a promise. Then, later, I can say, "Sure, I'll do it, I promise!"

    When we appeal to people with a greeting, we also do not do anything, just say hello. We say: Hello! Hi! Hi! And if keep silent, then do not do something important.

    What do you think, why do people say hello?

    First, "so it is accepted." Otherwise it will be impolite, and people would be offended. Language had prepared us a clue about how to start a conversation with a man: it is necessary to say hello. In this case one has seen greeting, public relations people are: friendly, official ...

    Secondly, when we say hello, something we want to talk with and learn something. Our project - an attempt to find out what people are investing in greeting. After all, the word hello, hello - words, actions, is not it?

    Many participants wrote in the survey that they find it difficult to answer the question "What is the meaning you put into greeting?".

    Let's think about this as it should, but this is just very important.

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