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    The most important "autumn" in the words of Japanese poetry - it hagi and deer.

    Hagi - bicolor lespedeza, shrub, flowering in late summer and autumn, purple or white flowers in the inflorescence of 10-15. For Japanese Hagi - Autumn is such a cherry, a symbol of temporal and outgoing beauty.

    Deer as mentioned above, in the autumn mating. Therefore trumpet deer in the mountains for the Japanese - symbol lovesick.

    More Japanese are very fond of clear cool autumn morning. Akisumu, "autumn transparency" - as it's called. And in a clear cold air especially beautiful mountains, so "autumn mountain" - is also a popular word. Sometimes say simply "smart mountain" - yamaeso everyone understands then that autumn.

    Maple leaves, Momiji - without poetry nowhere. And when the fall maples, for some reason it is believed that the river is particularly beautiful Tatsuta carries them to the sea of ​​scarlet leaves, so Tatsuta - autumn word.

    Chrysanthemums - about them, we'll talk in Section holidays.

    Mackerel - namely in the autumn Japanese it foraged and eaten.

    "Rice sparrow", a pickup remains of grains in the fields after harvest - Toe sign of autumn.

    Wild Goose - an image borrowed from Chinese poetry symbolizes separation from friends;

    Birds return - quite a few birds winter in Japan;

    Ivasi - yes, we are well familiar, herring, it is necessary, too poetic word.




    Green mandarin - ripe for the winter;



    Sweet potatoes;

    Grass wolf panicle;

    Susuki, Miskanti - sown in the furrows of his rice fields to prevent the reproduction of parasites in the fall only panicle Miskanti lonely stand on harvested fields;

    Grass seed;

    Shiitake mushrooms. Anyway mushrooms;

    Scarlet Ivy;


    Autumn rain - where the same without him;

    Autumn wind;

    Pilgrim - especially poetic look at the autumn road;

    Autumn moon - is considered particularly transparent and clear;

    Autumn rain - where without it?

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