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    The most amazing thing in the world - is that in it all something is happening. Wherever you look - certainly something happening.

    Because there is no one in the world, with whom could not have happened any adventure. Thought so lonely bench standing in a park by the sea. With anguish she looked at the people passing by on the flying birds on sailing ships.

    Benches have been one, the most important dream with someone to play with. She did not know exactly what it is and with whom, but badly wanted to play.

    But no one wanted to play off the bench - just plunk down on it all and sundry, and some - terrible to say - even spit. Well, is it possible to live in this world, when you spit? That's Bench and decided: "Free or something, I've got legs - as many as six? I will go and look for someone who wants to play with me. " And she went to the bench.

    Was himself go. Tired. But no one asked her to play. Bench very upset and decided to fly. Scattered, soared. Six legs turned into six wings - takeoff was normal. Birds initially scared a little bit, and then delighted. - That's great - say. - We now have a flying bench.

    Now you can relax, without landing. The birds sat on a bench. Bench did not like it: first, that and look at the ground ruhnesh. And secondly, whether it was necessary to climb into the sky to fall back on you all sitting? When the game starts, then? Did not like the bench to be flying - she decided to stay floating.

    Maybe in the sea who wants to play with it? Bench fell into the sea. Fish at first, too scared, and then delighted. - Here, - they say - great. Now zazhivёm as people. Bench time we appeared - a completely different life begins. After all, it's very important to have where to rest. And fish sat on the floating benches. Bench did not like it: first, that and look, drown.

    And secondly, whether it was necessary to go down to the sea, to sit on you all and sundry? "Well this - think - surely no one will offer me some game? What kind of life is gone, if Bench even play with whom? "Suddenly he heard a voice: - Do you own a game invented. Bench so abruptly stopped, that all fish caught her and offended, drifted in different directions. One Catfish mustachioed remained. Looks at the bench - smiling.

    Poulybalsya, and then says: - We, catfish, very smart. We even say nothing else - we understand the thoughts of others is extremely easy. - And what are my thoughts, you know? - Asks the bench. - I understand: you expect, Bench, who would you come up with the game. But could come up with myself. Or just too wooden benches - you can not come up with the game? - Can! Of course they can! - Cried Bench. And thought to myself: "Can a can, but just do not know how." Bench forgotten that catfish can read thoughts.

    Catfish - he is a mysterious fish: you tell him anything you can tell, but he still reads your thoughts. And then Som says: - Want some advice? That you were in the sky - there's a lot of birds. I wise Catfish, I know that there are birds in the sky, but the other fish do not know it. And the birds do not know that there are fish. Why do not you play a game of bridge between birds and fish? This will be a very good game. The Bench said: - Thank you, Som.

    I will do so. Nothing, eh, I wood? Will bridge. And I thought the same bench. Because when sincere - then they coincide with the thoughts. Bench play has become a bridge between fishes and birds.

    And the birds and the fish began to walk to each other's homes. In this case, mind you, no one is eating. Because all loved each other. The most amazing thing in this world that it all something is happening, no matter where you look - certainly something happening. That's for sure.

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