1. Весенний прилёт птиц

    Spring and arrival

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    Once we opened the project immediately - message: Moscow - ordinary oatmeal.

    And steep ornithologists report that here already and lapwing, and Skylark (poyut!), and even finches! And far and near other migrants.

    So, right now we will fall avalanche your messages.

    And, therefore, we, all together, we learn a lot of interesting things about the bird life and, in general, about Life.

    In the project officially got 10 species. But fly dozens, or even hundreds of species. What to do? Report all! About everyone can identify. On those who identify in any way can not - give out too: send profiles with photos. Try to determine together! Publish the result of the determination in the discussion and try to write each author personally.

    Destination is very fast and long. Grab your binoculars and - in the field!

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