1. Acid Rain


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    With what is still associated with the appearance of errors in the measurement? How to deal with it?

    Let us examine the example of our problem.

    1) Measurement of the acidity of the medium by means of indicator paper. For a rough estimate - acidic medium, neutral or basic (by the way, everyone knows that in this case the emphasis is placed on the second - core?) - Just remember that in the acidic environment of the indicator is red, neutral - green, in the main - Blue . However, for a more accurate estimate is necessary to manipulate the ratings. The red-orange, orange, orange yellow, etc. Clearly, that each of us is the same shade calls differently, whether here "agree" to all of us, the term orange-red understood the same color? Scientists have found a simple and obvious way. Together with the indicator printed color scale pH - anyone can compare the color on the paper with the color in the scale and determine the acidity. But that's not all difficulties. After the printed text fades. You can certainly take a picture of the scale. But there will be difficulties - color rendition on different screens, as you know, different ... Now programmers have written a program, such as smart pH meter (available in Play Market) to your phone operating system Android. This program processes the image by specifying RGB color code on the strip. RGB code - a way to record color. The fact that any hue can be obtained by mixing the three primary colors: Red (red), green (green), and blue (blue), adding to the mix each component from 0 to 100. Thus, the program determines the RGB code and photographed litmus compares with the reference. But this is not a panacea. After all, different cameras have different sensitivity. Furthermore, in different lighting chamber also be photographed in different ways.

    What can we do to avoid all these errors?

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