1. Что в имени тебе моем?

    Uncommon name

    Guys! What are your names are rare, ie the names that appear in the form of a single and more of them do not? Do not know? Can not answer? Want to know? Can be calculated independently. You need to do a little research. Count all the names of boys and girls in the classroom, school, and in the village, if you live there. Here and see what names are frequent, they are found almost in all classes and a 5-ive 6, 7.9, 11 classes. This, for example, Sasha, Katya, Olga, Sergei etc. How many of them from the total number of names. Only 19 school names and imyanositeley 379. Among them are Sasha -19 people, Katya -16, etc. We were few names: Makar, Barbara, Arseny, Arina, Bogdan. We conducted this work with the guys, they loved it!

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