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    My observation of bumblebees

    My project was very interesting, but fill in the form, I do and I can not.

    From 19 August, I watch it every day when a bumblebee. For more than a month, every day I meet these insects. There were bees only four days - 7, 8, 9, 10 of September. The temperature of the air in those days was 12-14 ° C, it was overcast, and even had a rain. But as soon as the sun warmed the September 11 bumblebees immediately appeared.

    During the observations, we found two of the lawn, where bumblebees certainly there, even if it met all the other single beds and flowering plants (especially in our region there are many high and beautiful hollyhocks) was not a single insect. One of them was covered with Dandelion which bumblebees enjoy, while the second - a huge thicket of mallow. And they are both on the sunny side of the street, where the sun from morning until sunset.

    Here is an example of a bumblebee on mallow, however, it's right in my backyard, and not on the lawn ...

    Bumble bees found a little bit of every day observations - 3-4 insects. Mom thinks it's shmelihi who will spend the winter, and all the rest - had fallen asleep. I disagree, but to test our hypothesis, we do not know yet.

    I keep watching and I wish success to all other lovers of bees!

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