1. Приметы весны: поёт большая синица

    Great Tit in the spring of 2018

    Most importantly, for the participants of this project not to confuse the first songs of the Great Tit and the beginning of the steady singing of tits. But I must tell you that birds who eat well and are in good shape can sometimes sing in November and December. I myself have seen such a phenomenon.

    So, if you sum up all my observations of the singing of the big tits at the turn of the winter in 2018, and I do not get tired of telling everyone that the first songs of the big tits celebrate the change of the winter sub-season - a winter break, then the very first song this year was sounded on January 17.

    The steady singing of tits is fixed by February 7, which I noted in the project form .

    In 2017, the first song of the titmouse sounded on January 19.

    Observations of 2016 I described as follows:

    "The first song of the Great Tit in 2016 was recorded on January 15. This day there was no thaw, it was frosty -10 ° C. Then the singing of the titm was heard from time to time until the end of January. Since January 29, the titmouses began to sing steadily, however, this time began a strong thaw, which continues and now on February 6, and the forecast promises all the next week at night a slight frost, during the day a small plus or about zero degrees.In addition to the songs of the titmouse, the marital behavior of birds is also recorded, in the forest the birds are examined by hollows, and in the residential building Hole Background arnie poles. "

    In 2015, the titmice sang on February 10. And the very first songs I heard on January 24.

    In 2014, the steady singing of tits was observed by February 6.

    The general results of observations for five years indicate that the tits begin to sing at the end of January, if the winter is not abnormally warm, and spring is not too early, as happened last year. Steady singing is observed by the end of the first week of February.

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