1. Моя любимая бабушка

    A beautiful poem about her grandmother

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    Yes, life is sometimes very difficult,

    Sometimes it is very sad to us
    But I know for sure, the impossible is possible,
    When the smile someone gives you a number.
    You help in the difficult moments of life,
    Council kind Thou wilt show the right path
    And if you are very sad, bad, difficult,
    You say, "we will cope somehow!"
    Your love to me in my life helps a lot
    When I find it difficult, I know you're with me.
    You are a man who understands
    Darling, darling, delicate and native.
    I want to tell you: "Thank you so much!"
    For affection, kindness, love, care and warmth.
    With you my life is wonderful and beautiful,
    With you I was very lucky!
    I wish you good health, happiness and smiles.
    And remember that you always help me.
    You're the best grandmother in the world, believe me,
    You with all my heart, I truly love !!!

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