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    Clouds and weather changes

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    Cloud - is visible particulate steam. They accumulate in the lower atmosphere in the process of evaporation of water from the ground, snow or ice. At different heights can be observed different in shape and color of the cloud. Clouds are moved through the air streams. Air flows strengthened or weakened, depending on the distance from the ground, as they are affected by gravity. Different atmospheric conditions associated with the movement of clouds. Watching the clouds, you can determine the weather for a few days ahead:

    - If the upper atmosphere wind is very strong - it portends rainy and windy conditions on the ground.

    - If the clouds are moving from the east or north side, so the weather will malovetrenoy and clear, but the temperature will fall.

    - If at the same time there are several types of clouds that move in opposite directions - this means the approach of a warm front, but if the atmospheric pressure drops, the continuous rainy weather will come with precipitation. Moreover, the faster the clouds move in different directions, the sooner the weather deteriorates.

    - Improvement in the weather to be expected if there are small cumulus clouds that move in the air flow in the same direction with the wind at ground level.

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