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    The morphology of the fairy tale, fairy tale or as a designer!

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    The word "morphology" of course, you know. Of subjects "Russian" and "botany". Honours even know that it literally means "the study of forms."

    But can you imagine that the word "morphology" is applicable to the fairy tales?

    And the great Russian scientist who we certainly should be proud of (!) - Vladimir Propp - proved it!

    He has written an incredibly interesting book that today each of you can read. It's called "The morphology of a fairy tale."

    It turns out that the consideration of possible forms of fairy tales with the same accuracy as possible morphology of organic formations! This book analyzes the tale in the proper sense of the word - that is "magical" tales that we have chosen as the test material in our project.

    All fairy tales are a kind of designer!

    There is a detailed set of storylines all the fairy tales of the world. For each selected tales, some of them as parts of the designer.

    That's why in the tales of the world are so many similar products!

    All events that occur with the fairy tales are always about the same. Cubes can be assembled very different design, but it will always be based on the same elements.

    Vladimir Propp identified three dozen major fairy story elements that were later cut various scholars to 26, then to 22 cores.

    Here's something from these details and stories are added all tales!

    And if you can not isolate themselves some of the elements of morphology fabulous - fabulous scene designer? What events occur in all or in many fairy tales?

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