1. Городские легенды

    Nadvigayushtayasya crash

    Soon the signs of an impending disaster hung over the Earth. Cracks began to appear that more and more deepened. The wise men of Lemuria predicted the coming cataclysm and identified safe places where people can get away, to escape, than took advantage of the Lemurian, sailed to Asia, Africa and some parts of America. They were the ones not because of fear, but because of the desire to preserve the achievements of its civilization settled in new places. Another part of the feeling that they stayed long enough in a physical body, decided to return to the small world when the cataclysm occurred.
    Some of the inhabitants of Atlantis, warning of impending disaster, went to the Yucatan, Egypt, Libya, Spain and Portugal, where they founded a school to teach writing, mathematics, astronomy and agriculture. So, the Great Pyramid of Giza was built with the help of skilled mathematicians and builders who left Atlantis. Every size, aspect ratio, internal passages, the number of steps contain information about the structure and size of the Earth, the timing of the shift the earth's axis, the position in the solar system. "Direct" heirs of Atlantis in Europe - the Basques in Spain and the Pyrenees mountains in France and the people of the Caucasus Mountains.
    When the disaster struck, the topography of the Earth has changed in the blink of an eye. Cities of Peru and Mexico, lying on the beach, shot up. Retaining only California - the former eastern coast of Lemuria. In Africa, the Nile River, which flows into the Atlantic Ocean, has changed direction and found an outlet to the Mediterranean Sea. Sahara - former seabed - it has turned into a desert.
    What happened to Atlantis during this period? Part of the western territory plunged into the water, in other lowland areas appeared mountain ranges. As a result of changing the position of the equatorial climate deteriorated sharply Atlantis, which is likely to impact on the nature of the Atlanteans. Giant animals least suited to a sharp decline in temperature and reduce power, killed hundreds of thousands. Carried out excavations to the north of Mexico City found three prehistoric city, built one above the other, with a high for the ancient people cultures used iron oxide for casting ornaments of precious metals for 10, 000 years to the Bronze Age.
    So great lemurskaya civilization perished. Her place was taken by the civilization of Atlantis, whose inhabitants were quite aggressive and began to conquer other nations. For this purpose, they used a giant crystal by rays which almost instantly destroyed entire cities. Intoxicated by power that they had, the Atlanteans began to use for the control of other nations. Their arrogance has reached the point that they decided to conquer China, located on the opposite side of the globe. When Atlanteans sent rays through the center of giant crystals of the Earth, there was a tremendous explosion of force, and the entire continent of Atlantis sank. Now this place is called the Sargasso Sea, and it is particularly dangerous during active radiation sank to the bottom of giant crystals, when the sun and moon are in a certain position. So no wonder this place is always called the "graveyard of the Atlantic", which covers the area from the Great Antilles in the north and then to Florida, up to Cape Hatteras across the Atlantic Ocean in the direction of the Iberian Peninsula and Africa, including the Bermuda Triangle, where once stood Giant Crystal, is now resting on the seabed.
    Powerful explosion caused by giant crystals, not only to release the energy of enormous power, plunging into the water the whole continent, leaving only the Azores and the Bahamas, but caused such huge waves that washed the coast from other continents to hundreds of kilometers inland and caused incessant heavy rains during the many weeks.
    Reports of the Flood preserved in the myths and legends of many peoples.

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