1. Where does the magic happen?

    Fairy tales

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    Among the folk tales are several genres: magical tales about animals, domestic, legendary, tiresome, story-anecdote.

    Fairy tale - the only one with the magic happens - there are all sorts of wonderful things (seven-league boots, hats invisible, magic tablecloth), characters (Baba Yaga, Kashchei, Serpent Dragon, Jin, trolls, elves, fairies, etc. .) committed transformation induced spell witchcraft going on.

    The fairy tale is based on the complex composition Which has the exposure, eyeballs, plot development, and the culmination of isolation. Fairy tales usually quite large in size and number of pages.

    By VJ Propp, fairy tale comes from the rite of initiation.

    Gorokhov E. "The Humpbacked Horse".

    The story is a fairy tale story about overcoming loss or deficiency, using the wonderful tools or magic helpers. The exhibition tales present stably 2nd generation - the older (king and queen, etc.) and younger - Ivan brothers or sisters. Also present in the absence of exposure of the older generation. Strengthened form of absence - the death of parents. The plot of the tale is that the main hero or heroine discover loss or lack or present here motives ban violation of the prohibition and the subsequent trouble. Here starts the counter, that is, sending the hero of the house.

    Development of the plot - a search for lost or missing.

    The culmination of a fairy tale is that the protagonist, or the heroine fighting with the opposing force, and always win it (the equivalent of the battle - solving difficult problems that always unravels).

    Isolation - is to overcome loss or shortage. Usually the hero (heroine) at the end of "reigns" - that is gaining a higher social status than he had in the beginning.

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