1. Living Fairytales: Kind or Unkind

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    Decided to write a note about fairy tales are not about animals and thereby remind participants / guests that our project is dedicated not only tales of animals in the world are countless, but the tales of things, natural phenomena (moon, sun, wind). So, dear blog readers in the world literature found, oddly enough, quite a large volume of fairy tales, in which the main characters are not humans and not animals! Such tales are no less interesting, and most importantly - are particularly fascinating for the scientific study of the material! If the images of animals for people of our beautiful planet, in more familiar from encyclopedias / Internet / TV broadcasts, here's the items in the fairy tales of the peoples of the world can meet and do strange! A natural phenomenon can manifest itself with a variety of sides! In the tales of the South Eastern countries, for example, the sun will be shown the evil hero (because, as you know, this is a very hot country, and the people there often suffer from drought). But the Moon! Oh, lovely Moon! It will be presented to the most wonderful, life-giving, the most beautiful heroine! In Arabic literature, for example, there is even an adjective describing the degree of female beauty: "Moon-faced!" You never know how these or other natural phenomena / objects will be presented in fairy tales! Read, for example, that this Ukrainian fairy tale "The sun, Frost and Wind" and see that "good winner" in this situation, for me personally was the unexpected character! .. The sun, frost and wind. Walked passerby saw the road three people and said to them: - Good day! - And went on. Were those arguing among themselves which of them he said, catching up with him, asked: - Who are you one of us wished a good day? And he asks: - And who are you? One says: - I am - the sun. Another says: - I - Frost. And third: - And I - said - Wind! - Well, it's what I said the Wind. Then the sun and said to the man: - I will burn you in the harvest. And the wind says: - Do not worry, I'm in the heat poveyu cold. A frost boasts: - And I'll be frozen in winter. Then the wind says: - And if you do, frost, you will start to freeze, then I'm not going to blow - that person and do not freeze. Oh, these tales! Until now, never ceases to amaze their diversity, interpretation and finals. Dear participants and guests, share, please, often with fairy tales! Their incredibly interesting to read and learn!
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