1. История страны в новогодних открытках

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    It is safe to say that the cards were pre-revolutionary Russia is no worse than refined modern: they were decorated with dried flowers, beads, sequins from boric acid, which looked like a real snow, and even flavored.

    In the postcards that were intended for individuals, it is embossed decoration and gold or silver crumbs and business Christmas cards have been designed in a simple and simple.

    Data on the first Russian postcards little to separate.

    Some historians believe that the creator of the first Russian Christmas cards was a great artist Nikolay Karazin.

    Some sources say that they were issued in 1898, the community of St. Eugene ("Trustee Committee of the Sisters of Mercy of the Russian-Turkish War").

    Other sources indicate an earlier date appearance of open letters - January 1, 1872.

    Among the subjects of Christmas and New Year's cards prevailing images of old Russian and divination rituals, pine forests and snow-capped peasant hut, gold-domed church, Santa Claus on the top three horses dashing, funny kids and lovely angels.

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