1. From Japan to You: Haiku from Around the World

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    Not a day without Issa

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    sute Sanae Inu nedoko but no sitar Carey

    Rice sprouts
    That in the case did not go,
    Dog lay down to nap.

    Inu pit but analysis of sentences but Yori kirigirisu
    Out of the hole in the mountains,
    Where does stray dog ​​-
    Grasshopper sang.

    but Inu bun Karasu mo mo mochi tsuki no Cary
    And the share of dog
    And the share of crow
    Lozenges enough ...

    mochi Tobu I pitari then Inu but ookuti e
    Flapjack flies -
    And tochnehonko dog
    In the open mouth.

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