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    Blue spruce - evergreen coniferous tree, 25-30 meters tall, rarely up to 46 meters.
    The bark is gray-brown color, thin, scaly. Trunk diameter - up to 1,5m.
    Crohn uzkokonicheskaya, with branches in young specimens direction obliquely upwards, and the old - the branches are arranged horizontally or dropped down.
    Needles length 15-30mm rhombic in cross-section. Barbed needles and paint it varies from grayish - green to bright blue. On tenterhooks has a blue plaque, which protects the needles from the adverse effects of the environment and helps to preserve valuable moisture. Needles live in good conditions from 5 to 7 years, but more often 3-4 years.
    Cones slightly cylindrical, 6.11 cm long and the width in the closed state up to 2 cm, in the opened condition of 4 cm. Seeds are black, 3-4 mm long with a light - brown wing length 10 - 13 mm.
    Blue spruce is propagated by seeds, grafting, cuttings in winter (when cuttings are used greenhouses with water heating). Planting is best done in the winter, as the survival rate of plants at this time is 100%.
    Young ate much less hardy to adverse conditions than adults to suffer from late frosts.
    Blue spruce semi-shade, wind-resistant and drought-resistant, as well as frost resistant.

    If a mature tree tolerates shade, the planting of young fir trees shall be carried out in the shade, as in low light conditions, young spruce may lose decorative.
    Blue spruce absorbs urban dust, soot and exhaust gases, that is a good air purifier.
    Homeland blue spruce - western North America. It grows at an altitude of 1750 - 3000 meters. Most often grows in the mountain valleys along the rivers and streams, where the soil is more moist, but not grow on dry, calcareous soils.
    In Russia, at low temperatures blue spruce survives poorly, almost no seeds, as it is not suitable climatic conditions.
    More than 15 years working on this problem scientist - breeder Kovtunenko IP and found: fresh spruce and pine cones, which is rapidly developing fungus were excellent nutrient soil for growing seedlings of blue spruce.
    Today blue spruce growing at the Kremlin wall on Red Square in Moscow, on Mamaev Hill, near the walls of the Brest Fortress.
    Blue spruce - a symbol of Utah and Colorado.

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