1. Stay Well, Puppy!

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    After a rainy September October pleases comfortable temperature and sunny days. Of course, the weather - a great reason to go to the country, to take a walk in the park or the nearby forest belt. Some participants in our study did so - went to the cottage in the Tver region. The first is a short walk to the fields on the outskirts of the village finished counting the ticks removed from the dog's coat and with his own clothes. With two people and two dogs from ticks removed eight: seven individuals of a species Ixodes ricinus (dog tick) and one individual suspected species Dermacentor reticulatus (meadow tick). Another mite was later found in a house. Be careful when you walk: Clamp opened the autumn hunting season! Do not forget to handle the animals acaricide, and for your safety, prevention: to dress properly for a walk in the woods, carefully examine the body, clothes and hair after a walk.
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