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    November - the eve of the freeze-up.

    And again, we continue to monitor the establishment of the ice cover. All natural processes (and in wildlife and inanimate) require consistent observation day by day. But then very interesting to compare the observations for different years.

    Since early November, the temperature dropped to zero degrees only twice: the second and third digits. Now she consistently stays above zero, with days occur during the day with temperatures up to + 10 ° C. But in late October, was a local lowering of the temperature to -5 ° C -7 ° C. However, the end of October was also a time of positive temperatures.

    Since the data for the previous year is quite correlated, the temperature was about the same. But the sudden chill in the 20s, apparently, the frozen body of water, which was the first form of our project in 2014 . Author Profiles, Paul Antoshkin wrote on the social networks, that to date, the ice is completely melted. Location of the water - Klimovsk.

    On the surface of the water was only a thin crust of ice.

    A similar picture of the ice on the pond we saw in Moscow this weekend.

    Paul says that if a small piece of ice to pick up and run along a thin Ledkov on the pond, then it will be very loudly!

    We must try, but not forgetting, of course, about the safety ...

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