1. Чудесная пора цветения

    Flowers and summer colors

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    Rampaged summer multicolor flowers!

    Take a look! Everywhere placers beautiful flowers and bright colors. In the fields, meadows, forest glades, along roads, along waterways all the blooms and smells, and I want to keep it forever!

    After analyzing 177 questionnaires sent (and this 270 images) sent 35 participants in the project, tried to draw some conclusions on summer multicolor.

    The accuracy of the analysis do not apply, since it considers color corolla all plants caught in the frame, if the names of the plants was not dealt with.

    The predominant color of the corolla - white! (29.5%).

    Yellow is found in 23.5% of images of flowers.

    Red + pink corolla - 17.5%.

    Lilac + purple + blue + blue + purple - 29.5% - with exactly the same as white! (Calculated and corolla color, and color corolla lobes)

    Finally, modest, nondescript, unpainted and whisks chashechkovidnyh perianth -11%.

    Such is the statistics. Confirming the judgment that summer "red" means beautiful. Beautiful in its colorful palette.

    In the world of colors so warm and cool
    A whole bunch of flavors and sounds ...
    Each flower - in his own smart ...
    In the form of fine holiday cups.
    (L. Kuzminska)

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