1. Приметы весны: поёт большая синица

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    Show details completed questionnaire added today Vera Vassilyevna Ciuhrii from Bui. Bui tits started singing on February 13. A week behind Moscow.

    The questionnaire provides a detailed analysis of weather conditions and are even times when the birds sing particularly active.

    Three days before the singing tits (Feb. 10) began to change dramatically the air temperature warmer, it snowed in large flakes. During the three days of continuous singing (13,14,15 February) the weather is warm, no wind, the snow melts, overcast, sometimes precipitation in the form of snow, drizzle. Singing bird in a certain time in the morning at 8.30 in the afternoon at 12.10. Intermittently at regular intervals.

    Most often, all the participants noted that the beginning of singing tits noted warming.

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