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    Claude Levi-Strauss: myth and fairy tale

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    I somehow related myths and fairy tales? This question is asked by many researchers of folklore and myths! For example, the famous French philosopher and anthropologist, mythology and folklore researcher Claude Levi-Strauss (1908 - 2009 г.) wrote about the relationship tale and myth:

    "There is no good reason to isolate tales from myths" as "myth and fairy tale convert the same substance, but do it in their own way. Their attitude is not the attitude of the earlier to later, primitive to developed. Rather, it is the ratio of complementarity. Tales - Myths in miniature "(Levi-Strauss C. The structure and form / / Foreign research on semiotics folklore. pp. 19, 21; Wed here his work" How myths die "- S. 77-88).

    If you think about it and the myth and fairy tale, really, combined instructive beginning, explaining the presence of laws in the world and often the presence of magical stories! This point of view was expressed not only Frenchman Claude Levi-Strauss, but also the great Russian researchers: Alexander Veselovsky Eleazar Moiseevich Meletinskii and we already mentioned in the blog project "Living tales wicked, bad, good," - Vladimir Propp.

    And have you noticed the similarity of myth and fairy tales?

    After reading one of the stories of a project participant "Living tales wicked, bad, good," I was convinced of it personally! Look!

    "In ancient times, the moon and sun would always stand together in one place. They convene a gathering of all the birds and animals. Nobody objected request, all subscribed. And only one bat has not signed.
    - You do not subscribe? - Ask her.
    - So, - says Bat - I did not sign that if they both stand in one spot, the wind will blow is always in one direction and the trees grow curves. In addition, and bread will grow only where the sun and in the shade - not at all.
    - And it's true, so be it - say the birds and beasts. To avoid this, they took away the new solution, which reads: "the moon and the sun in one place not to stand and walk around and be apart of the Earth spinning."
    The sun is very angry at bat and said:
    - I will not let go of me.
    The moon was more calm and said nothing. That's why Bat day does not appear, but only at night flying.
    And all the animals, birds, even people all approved circling the moon and sun. And bread began to grow well. "

    Is this strange tale Tatar did not look like a myth? ...

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