1. "Valentines" are not only for Valentine!

    The story of "valentines"

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    The first written "Valentine" appeared already in 15. There are different opinions about how there was the first "valentine".
    According to one version of the creation of the first writing "valentine" is ascribed
    The Duke of Orleans (1415), who was sitting at the time in prison. This is the first "valentine" survived to our time and exhibited at the British Museum.
    According to other sources the oldest "valentine" was recently discovered in one of the British Library. Dated 1477
    The most popular "valentines" reached in the 18th century. While paper "valentines" instead of exchanging gifts. They have gained special popularity in England. They were made out of colored paper and signed with colored ink. But the ingenuity of lovers in the creation of "valentines" knew no bounds. The most talented wrote "valentine" in the form of an acrostic - a poetic dimension, when the first letters of each verse together constitute a meaningful word in this case - the beloved name. "Valentine" small scissors cut or pierced with small pins in the form of lace, stained through a stencil, created the "Valentine" - a puzzle or riddle or simulated medieval manuscript with colored drawings.
    And in the early 19th century it began mass production of "valentines". First it was black-and-white drawings, painted by hand in the factory. But with "valentines" every year becomes more original and colorful.
    In our time, "valentines" are presented as a greeting in the form of hearts, with best wishes, declarations of love, marriage proposal or just jokes. Traditionally, they are written or modified hand with his left hand and did not sign. The recipient must guess who it was sent to him, "Valentine".


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