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    It's great that the guys have recently become increasingly interested in birds. Although the questionnaires can be seen that many people do not know that much about them. For example, almost all write that great tits male and female do not differ. And it is not so! A big tits male differs from the female well in width stripes across the chest - she had samochki narrow, sometimes even with tears, and the male is a clear, wide, perfectly visible. By the way, the width of this band in males can be determined even their "social status" in the pack - the wider the strip and brighter plumage color, the higher the status of a bird. That's such an interesting connection.

    More confused in many sparrows, considering them all one species. While in Russia, their lives a few, but the most common two: the houses and field. A house sparrow male wears a gray cap, and the female does not wear hats, and has no bright colors in the plumage. And here at the tree sparrow male and female do not differ from each other: both chocolate brown cap on his head, cheeks and black "beard" under the beak.

    So read the book, study the websites and learn more about the birds! And the results of their observations - your pictures, voice recording, identifying birds - send us here, for all to see!

    In conclusion, once again remind everyone that your profile will be valid only if it is provided with photographs of the birds, which it describes, not taken from somewhere in the internet. That is your personal photos. And do not be shy, if they are not very good quality - for science are tied to time and place, a lot more valuable than a very good frame of the professional photographer, shot one knows where.

    In addition, each profile is filled only one bird. The presence in the questionnaire of the column "bird with abnormal feathering" does not mean that there must insert some other bird, and often even of another species. If your bird is not unusual, then simply do not fill in this column. And if you have - say, recently I came across a house sparrow with unusual white spot on the top - then inserting pictures in the appropriate column, do not insert above the other, a normal bird.

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